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Sexism Doesn’t Exist? The US Soccer Federation Proves Otherwise

Legal minds may try and sell us on the arguments the US Soccer Federation filed against the US Women’s National Soccer Team but honestly we are just sick and tired of the bullshit. We don’t need another lawyer skirting around an issue as just a ‘legal argument’ when the argument is that we, as women, are not equal. We don’t need to hear the legalities or thought processes of those who claim there is no gender discrimination but then move to legitimize the idea of ‘female inferiority’.

We don’t want to keep wondering why men are always considered physically superior and yet women are the only ones capable of growing a human inside their body, deliver said human out of a very small hole, and still return to work, whether that be to an office or field. We don’t want to hear that women don’t have the same skill level when everything has been done to hold the women back from playing sports at a high level as well as not backing them financially (let’s not even discuss the fact that they are honing in on two skills: strength and speed, apparently no other skill counts towards ability). Lack of financial backing, by the way, is what women are still dealing with today, THUS the very lawsuit the USWNT filed!

We don’t need to hear a lawyer tell us how men suffer under harsher working conditions than women when literally ALL THE RESEARCH out there proves this is false. (But once again if you are claiming gender discrimination doesn’t exist, and ignoring all research, then these false claims work for your argument.) We don’t need to hear how women face less discrimination at work and yet our experiences prove that to be unequivocally false.

We don’t need an argument from a lawyer about men’s soccer players facing potential hostile crowds when it has been proven, and shown in legal documents, that the women’s team is facing a hostile employer all the time. The majority of us don’t work in front of an audience for our job, we don’t have to read the constant barrage of misogynistic tweets and social media posts about our ‘inferiority’, and we don’t have to worry about our safety simply for speaking our truth in to a microphone after doing our job. So we would hope you would understand that we don’t want to see those very women working and living their life in front of the world go unprotected by their employer, an employer who seems to encourage and stand behind misogynistic thinking, and has created a legal argument that now allows that to grow even more, making the USWNT even less safe than before. We don’t need a legal argument to remind us that women live in a world that tells us to play nice and be thankful for whatever we get, even when that means never paid equally or treated equally. We don’t need to be reminded there are people behind the scenes making sure we never get equality, in fact they are so hell bent against it they are willing to go in front of a court of law to fight it.

But maybe after all this in some messed up way we should be thankful for the US Soccer Federation arguments because at least somebody just came out and said what so many of us already know to be true: lack of respect for female athletes and the driving forces to hold them back are actually the powerful decision makers in leadership. This current reality means female athletes will continue to fight an uphill battle and be treated as less than until leadership changes at every level of women’s sports (and really the world as a whole). The truth is that until we get to a place where more women are in charge we will continue to live in a world where a lawyer can argue that women are inferior to men and simultaneously tell us we are crazy when we point out how rampant gender discrimination still is in the work place.

So sexism no longer exists? I think the US Soccer Federation has more proven without a shadow of a doubt that is false.