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Our Collective Grief vs. My Personal Grief

This week's guest blog comes from Katie Fledderman. When I read her powerful and deeply honest words discussing the battles she has faced I knew her words would speak to everyone. She reminds us that our most courageous self lies within our most vulnerable self.

A few weeks ago, before things had reached fever pitch with COVID for the second time in eight months, a few of us were at a neighbor’s house for very small, socially distant, outdoor gathering. One of my neighbors said, “2020 is one of the top five worst years of my life.” I immediately, and matter of factly responded, “2020 is the worst year of my life,” but I did not elaborate. Some of my neighbors knew what I was alluding to, though likely not the depths to which I’ve been affected.
Check out the rest of Katie's blog discussing her struggles with infertility and the long physical battle she has faced the past few years by clicking the link below: