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Discovering Who You Were Made To Be

I used to tell my husband “I feel like I am meant for more, I always feel this tug inside of me, but that sounds crazy and maybe even a little selfish that I think my life should be better.”

Here is what I now know, those feelings weren’t selfish or crazy that was my inner voice begging me to get to know myself. It was my inner voice pleading for me to listen to it, to stop pushing it down, and start letting the best of me rise up. That voice was begging me to remove the outside noise of who I was supposed to be and start listening so I could understand who I was made to be.

In Abby Wambach’s book ‘Wolfpack’ she states the new rule women need to adopt is: be grateful for what you have AND demand what you deserve. This applies to EVERY aspect of our lives. Be thankful but DO NOT forget who you are, DO NOT stop fighting for the things you deserve, and DO NOT ignore the things you were made to do.

This idea that we should always be grateful and then in turn not desire or need for more is a state of mind too many of us get caught in, ESPECIALLY women. We think being grateful means we want for nothing. Of course we should be all be grateful for what we have, I mean look at what our world is facing right now, but that doesn’t stop you, actually let me be more direct, it SURE AS HELL BETTER NOT STOP YOU! I know for a fact that when you are not living up to what that inner voice is calling you to do or not living out your purpose you are not satisfied. You actually have a harder time being grateful because deep down you know there is so much more for you that you aren’t allowing yourself to do and you burn inside to discover it.

Are you listening to that inner voice or ignoring it? Do you go against the way you want to do something because of what other people might think? Do you change the way you would answer a question because of how someone else answers it first? How often do you ask for other people’s opinions before you will make a decision? There is nothing wrong with seeking other people’s input but do you trust your own gut or do you seek out the opinions of others before you decide? How much of your decision process relies on other people?

Discovering who we are is ever evolving and that is a great thing, it keeps the relationship you have with yourself pretty interesting. Figuring out who you are isn’t just about the knowing BUT also about fully trusting yourself and your instincts. Learning how to create a life that you want versus living a life you feel you have to. You have to get to a place where you rely on yourself to know the difference and make changes when you aren’t being true to who you are made to be. You have to adopt a non-apologetic attitude. There will be plenty of times that someone else, even someone you greatly respect and trust, says something isn’t a good idea and you have to be confident in yourself not to cave to their desire for your life.

What if other people see you living your life to its fullest potential and encourages them to do the same? When we free ourselves we allow others to free themselves as well. If we are going to influence those around us why don’t we influence them in the most positive and powerful ways? When you understand that each person, including yourself, has a significant part to play in this world then you so desperately want everyone to discover theirs.

Every person has a role to play but if you don’t know what yours is then you might be playing someone else’s. Each of us, intimately learning who we are, is the only way we best serve the world. You might be living on someone else’s path while what is meant for you, and the part of you that the world desperately needs, is waiting on a path you have yet to discover because you aren’t listening to your inner voice.

If you really don’t know who you are then how will ever live out your purpose(s) here? How will you use your unique gifts to serve those around you in ways that others can’t? How will you ever really know what path is meant for you when you aren’t in touch with your inner voice? The answer to all of these questions is that you won’t.

So how do we get there? Well friends, a time like this is probably better than any other because rediscovering our inner voice, or finding our inner voice for the first time, requires us to sit alone with our thoughts. It requires us to get uncomfortable, and then comfortable there, and trust that process. It requires us to listen without any outside noise or advice. It means asking ourselves what we want and then being quiet and listening to our truest answer(s). It means writing it down and not sharing it with anyone else, not even a spouse, family member, best friend, etc. Why? Because this time is about you and only you. You cannot live your fullest life, you cannot discover your passions, if you are drowning out your own voice by allowing other voices in. There will be time to let others in on what you have been thinking and feeling but that time comes after you trust yourself fully knowing that you won’t back down from it the moment someone else pushes back.

This is your time. This is your time to find that voice that has always been there, that has been beckoning you to come back and reconcile with it. It is your time to discover who you are, what you want, and how you can move forward from here. It is time to be grateful for what you have and how far you have come and then demand for the next part of your journey to be on your terms and to be even more fulfilling. It is time for you to live your life out loud and remind those around you that they need to as well. It is time to finally step in to the world with your full being so you can change it and improve it in ways only you can. It is your time. Are you ready to take it?