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Your Frustrations Will Not Last, Your Determination Will

Have you ever experienced one of those periods in life where you feel like you just keep taking hits? Every door seems to shut. Every answer is no. You feel like the people who should value what you bring to the table don’t. Or that the things you think should work keep failing and you are just left wondering what the hell is going on?

These times have the ability to kill our spirit and our motivation. They make us question everything and make us wonder how much harder we really want to push against the status quo.

Just like you I am not someone who is thrilled during these times in my own life. They can make you fall in to the trap of wondering ‘why do I even try?’ The only thing I like about these times (and I use ‘like’ loosely) is that they remind of my determination. I don’t know about you but I can’t float through life. I expect more of myself than to be the person who goes in to any situation and isn’t willing to ask questions or isn’t looking for solutions to problems. I am unable to settle for the status quo when changes need to be made and growth is very important to me. Yes, that mentality is frustrating when it feels like others are creating a roadblock or you feel you aren’t being heard, and yes, I WISH I could be someone who cared less sometimes but I am simply not that person. My guess is if you follow this blog or my social media it is because you aren’t that kind of person either. So what do we do?

Honestly there won't always be easy steps out of the frustrations that face you, and I don’t want to belittle your experiences by acting as if there is always a quick fix. The truth is you can be completely logical and people will still look at you like you are crazy. You can work your ass off and still not accomplish what you thought you would. There will still be plenty of doors that shut in your face. But this blog is not about your frustration, it is your reminder that you are a warrior. Your frustrations will not last but your determination will. You were put on this Earth to use your voice, so don’t give that power up. You are worthy and you deserve to be treated with respect. A closed door is sometimes just the jolt you need to redirect your energy. And a reminder that while you will get knocked down it is your resolve to get back up each time that shows who you really are.

You have to remember the moment you give up on yourself is the moment that someone or something else has won. You have to be your number one advocate. Sometimes that means you have to make changes for yourself, so do it, and don’t feel guilty. You have to keep letting your voice be heard, even in the frustrations. You have to believe that your grit will eventually get you moving in the right direction. And you need to remind yourself that you are a mother f*cking warrior. This time and these frustrations will pass but until then hold on because I promise that you got this!