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You Aren't Powerless (I Promise)

Powerless to make any real change, I hate this feeling. Everyday there is something new that makes me sad or angry and I want to fix it. But I feel like I can’t. I have no real power, or place of stature, I am not wealthy, and I don’t feel like I have the time it takes to make REAL change in the world. But it isn’t just the world around me that makes me feel powerless it can also be creating change in the work place or with relationships, the bricks walls are just as damning in those places to one’s spirit. And if we aren't careful it can make us feel hopeless at times.

I believe the reason so many of us get on social media and declare our stances or share our real feelings on an issue is because it makes us feel like we did something. By agreeing or disagreeing with something and putting our line in the sand it is a relief from that helplessness we can feel. But then the status is up and we are left with wondering what to do, how to turn those words to action? Trying to solve the problems of the world around us, both near and far, can be so overwhelming that we are almost paralyzed by the monstrosity of it and then do nothing. But what if we aren’t powerless?

Not long ago I was feeling pretty lost in that sense of helplessness and happened to stumble across a card from an athlete that I had helped rehab back from a pretty significant injury. I loved being around this athlete, she pushed herself, put the work in and then some and never said no. Yet her card was a thank you note to me. Telling me how she could have never done those things without me, how much she appreciated my belief in her even when she doubted herself. And the card reminded me of something; the fate of changing the whole world will fall on very few people, but the ability to help change someone’s life, to be a positive influence, that will fall on all of us. And for some it may only be one person, for others it may be thousands but it will be each and every one of us and most often it will be without even knowing we are doing it. It is usually being there when no one else is. Using our voice when someone else can’t. Or listening and offering advice. Showing integrity at work. Helping someone get to the next place in their life. Or believing in someone when it feels like no one else does. It can simply be our words and our actions that change a life. And like dominoes when we affect one life, they will turn and do the same for someone else and on and on it goes.

We all will change the world, in small and big ways that we will never see or likely never truly understand. But you and I have to remember that we are not powerless. We are not helpless or hopeless. We are people who can affect one life and in turn make a world of difference. Isn’t that the most powerful thing of all?