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Dear Women: A Call To Be The Change

Dear Women,

I think about how powerful we are. How are brilliant we are. How beautiful we are. I look around and I see our potential to change this world. I look at the US Women’s Soccer Team and I am inspired by their boldness and by their decision to not make themselves small for anyone. I am amazed by what women can do together even with our backs up against the wall.

That is why I write this letter to you. In hopes that you will not push or sell other women in to believing they only become more powerful by becoming smaller or by looking a certain way. I hope that you will not believe that about yourself either. There are too many of us being our own worst enemies. And believe me I get it, we have been given some f’d up messages along the way, the problem is now we have become the carrier of those messages to each other. When we encourage another woman’s shrinking as the only way to health and happiness we see her only as a body and fail to see her as a human. No woman has ever been made happier or healthier by trying to fit in a box created for someone else. They have never been made happier or healthier by getting smaller and smaller without any regard for their body and its needs. No woman has ever been made to feel more powerful by someone making her feel like she is not enough just as she is.

I want us all to remember that our lives are best lived out loud and as our most authentic self. We are best served when we are women lifting other women up. Each of us is different but our power as women is found in ALL of our differences. Real change happens when women come together as a team because then their power is immeasurable and uncontainable.

We live in a world that calls on us to be smaller all the time, not just in our size, but in the space we take up in this world. We live in a world that demands that we lower our voice. It convinces us that we have irrational feelings even when they are COMPLETELY rational. It is a world that asks us to be perfect, to always feel like less, and to always question our worth. This is a world that I want to step out of, I don’t want to live like this anymore and I don’t want you to either. We have to stop telling each other that being smaller makes us more valuable. I don’t want to be the voice that tells you aren’t good enough I want to be the voice that tells you are MORE THAN ENOUGH! I hope YOU can be that for other women as well. It starts with us now, we have more influence and more of a voice then we have ever had in our history but still isn’t even close to being enough. We must keep building on it, we must keep encouraging each other, lifting each other, and raising our voices in unison. We must recognize our differences and harness them as one of our greatest strengths. We must stop being part of the problem and start being the solution.

In Power, Hope, and Love,


Women D