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For the Love of Friendship

Do you ever have moments where you wish that you could stop time?

I sat at a table surrounded by some of my closest girlfriends where we laughed, we cried, and we shared our most intimate stories. They were stories that have caused us pain and joy, stories that have molded us, and changed us. And in this moment all I could think was this is love, this is all encompassing, life altering, powerful love.

When we see love represented in our society friendship is too often missed. We are made to believe that only a significant other can complete us. Women are even led to believe that other women are our competition but that could not be farther from the truth. Friendships: true, genuine, loving, supportive, loyal friendships are often the greatest form of love. A kind of love that helps you discover who you are. Friends can be soul mates in ways a significant other cannot be. They bring to our lives things no other kind of love can. They teach us about social connection needed outside of just romantic love. We learn to lean on others, to be vulnerable, to speak truth in love, to have fights and make up, and to be there for someone selflessly.

There is beauty in the fact that you don’t connect with everyone and that only certain people become your closest friends. It is not a forced connection but rather, something built on a desire to truly get to know people. It is about finding people you trust. It is about being loyal. Friendship is about telling the stories, all of them, without fear of judgment. Friendship is laughter, even in times of life’s greatest heart aches. Friendship is getting the truth, even when you don’t always want to hear it, because you know it comes from someone who loves and respects you. Friendship is about receiving love, even when you don’t always deserve it, because someone knows the best parts of you.

When I think of all the amazing women in my life I am reminded of how they have stood by me through the years. I think about all the things they have taught me and how they have challenged me. I am reminded how we are each other’s voice of reason, most vocal defenders, and truest reflections. I think about the friends who support this blog and how lucky I am to be surrounded by them. I am reminded of the friends who call and we talk for hours, even about the mundane, or just those that text funny memes or stories. I laugh at the times we have drank way too much and danced the night away. I think of the beauty in those friendships that remain connected even in the distance. I think about how freaking blessed I am that these women have come in to my life and it changed it for the better.

The truth is life will always step in; we change jobs or cities, have kids, take care of ailing parents, and the dynamic and time spent together evolves. But the truest of friendships remain through the changes because friends can grow separately without growing apart, they can be at a distance but still come back together. And in those rare moments where everyone can be together I hope I remain thankful for being at a table surrounded by strong, fierce, loyal, and loving people. Because through these amazing people I have found the most important friends in life my life challenge me, laugh with me, encourage me, tell me the hard truths, stand with me in my trials, and love me through all the joy and pain that comes my way.