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Diets Are Bullshit

This is one of those hard topics because EVERYONE has an opinion and most of us probably don’t agree. I want to make it very clear, from the beginning, that this piece is about telling you that dieting is bullshit. So if this isn’t for you, that’s OK, no judgment. We can’t agree on everything and we never should that’s what makes us interesting. I would hope that you would read it just to see what you think but if you feel like just moving on then I hope you will come back next week for another topic. I still love you!

Dieting is bullshit. I am not even going to bore you with the details of how the diet industry makes a TON of money off of our insecurities (60 billion dollars a year). Insecurities that THEY have instilled in us from a young age. I am not going to go through every diet and explain the flaws. I am not going to explain what healthy eating is.

Here is what I want to discuss and have us all think about...why don’t we trust our bodies?

If a baby is hungry we feed them. We trust that they know their body’s needs. But then something happens and at a certain age we start to believe our bodies are liars. That the very thing that brings us life and makes it so we can breathe without thinking about it, see without thinking about it, and function at pretty high levels without thinking about it, doesn’t understand what hunger is. That it doesn’t understand what best serves and nourishes us as individuals. We learn our bodies can’t be trusted. If they are hungry then there must be something wrong with our body and it must be stopped. And this is probably the only completely normal bodily function that we have that we do not trust. WTF?

Can you remember the first diet product you saw heavily marketed? For me it was SlimFast. First, those are GROSS. Second, 25 years later and the same idea is still being sold to us; that you can fill yourself up while not allowing your body to have the things it needs: PROTEINS, FATS (the good whole ones too!), and CARBS (ßin my opinion the greatest creation). So then you aren’t full. You aren’t happy. Your body isn’t satisfied and begs you to listen it but instead you punish it for functioning the way it is supposed to. AND punish yourself believing you have no will power. We are then somehow convinced getting rid of hunger is the goal to living till we are 90. That hunger isn’t normal. And now? Well now we just feel freaking CRAZY. And that is just where the diet industry wants us; feeling crazy and not trusting our body because then they can hook us. They can go in for the kill and market to our insecurities like this:

The “it is a healthy lifestyle” diet bullshit

Those diets companies really got the memo. They learned that we caught on to the word ‘diet’ and we started to take a stand against it (or we all say we did out loud but secretly go home and still check every ingredient and calorie in our foods). So what did the diet companies do? They jumped on the bandwagon and started calling it a ‘healthy lifestyle’. You know a healthy lifestyle with major restrictions to what you can eat, when you can eat, and how you can eat. They changed the marketing on us but not the actual programs so we remain obsessed with calories, ‘good’ foods and ‘bad’ foods, and following rules while our body is LITERALLY SCREAMING AT US (or grumbling). They continue to promote only skinny bodies making us believe that is how you can tell someone is healthy (it is not by the way) and then in turn demonize different body types by exclusion. Healthy eating is not rules about foods you can and can’t eat (that is food allergies). Healthy eating is not restricting your body from speaking to you. Have you ever asked yourself what is wrong with hunger? Why is this something we are determined to rid ourselves of? Are we also determined to rid ourselves of other normal bodily functions, peeing, pooping, sneezing, or breathing? Restriction equals diet. ‘Healthy eating’ that promotes food restriction equals bullshit. Listen to your body and eat what makes you feel best. It can be weird to fully trust your body again but you need to. I promise it knows itself.

The ‘body positive but I am selling you a diet’ diet bullshit

Friends, celebrities and influencers get paid to sell you shit. Paid. There is no magic lollipop that burns fat. There is no tea that fills you up while also helping you lose weight. This is all bullshit (my favorite word to use in this blog). I love when influencers get on their IGs and then they try to sell you something like that is the reason they look the way they do. Not the personal trainer, chef, or in some cases plastic surgeon that got them there (Side note: I have no issue with any of things, I take issue with people lying about it and then selling it to you as truth just to profit). And my favorite is when it is wrapped in a body positive bow. “I love my body and all its curves, now drink this tea and look like me!” That is not body positive that is body improvement and that is…you guessed it bullshit. Body positive is not loving and accepting your body only at a certain size. Body positive is acceptance NO MATTER THE SIZE. I am firm believer in saying BYE BYE BYE (insert N’Sync song here) to anyone who tries to sell you ways to starve yourself and lose weight, but it is your life, continue to follow their pages if you must.

The “everyone is different but this diet is for everyone” diet bullshit

We are all built differently. We all have different hormones, body types, genetics, and life situations. Yet diets are one size fits all?!?!? Anyone see the craziness in this? Listen, I don’t truly care how you want to eat. I pray to God that you eat the way you want and for what makes your body feel best. I hope you are able to cut out the noise of social media, diet books, the need to feel small, or even the opinions of your family and friends. You are different than everyone else and what works for you won’t work for other people. What your body craves, someone else’s body won’t, and forcing foods in is not going to put you in any type of good, functioning relationship with your body. Our bodies all need fats, proteins, carbs (yes, carb does = sugar in its various forms!!), vitamins, nutrients, and a bunch of other things. But what your body needs compared to mine is different. We are not all built the same. We cannot all eat the same.

So I will ask you again, why don’t you trust your body? What are you afraid of? And get honest with yourself here.

I am in no way advocating eating fast food every day for the rest of your life. What I am saying to you is why can’t you trust what you want? Why do you have to starve yourself (please do research on how starving yourself is actually the most counterproductive thing for your body)? Why can’t you learn about healthy foods, whole foods, try a bunch of different things, give in to your cravings (yes that includes dessert), and stop obsessing over calories? Why can’t bad foods just be what you don’t like to eat and good ones what you do like? Listen to your body and believe that it understands what hunger is and how you can best satisfy yours. I know this is not easy, we have been given so many terrible messages about our bodies over the years we don’t even know if they can be trusted. But they can, slowly and with work you will see that. Get to know your body. I bet it has been a while since you let it really talk to you and you understood what makes it feel best. Let go of dieting. Build trust with your body again. That trust will help you immensely in building in an overall acceptance of yourself. There will be so much freedom in finally knowing you can trust the one thing in your life that will be with you from womb to tomb, your body. Diets are bullshit, let go and listen to your body, and then let me know how you feel.