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Fighting The Voice Inside Our Head

I woke up, got ready to go to the gym and found myself in that frustrating moment, judging my body as I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I am tired of those moments.

The greatest way to grant ourselves independence is to free ourselves from the person who looks in the mirror, sees the reflection, and has ridiculous internal dialogue of self-loathing. Who speaks to that reflection in a manner we would not speak to anyone else. The person who spends countless minutes and sometimes hours in a day deconstructing the things we perceive as negative about ourselves. Research continues to show that females have a hard time accepting their bodies and spend way too much time trying to figure out how to ‘make them better’. This is a problem that is happening more often and starting at a younger age for females in this country.

It is not our bodies it is our minds, so consumed with what we think we should look like we don’t take time to appreciate what we actually look like. Or even worse, have a warped view of what we look like we can’t even see the truth when it is staring back at us. We can’t even seem to come up for air at times, so overwhelmed with negativity in our brains we are unable to break free. It is time that we gave ourselves a little freedom. Freedom to love who we are. Freedom to love our bodies and no longer shame them. Freedom to have cellulite. Freedom to have wrinkles. Freedom to stop looking for a solution in a gym, a bottle of pills, a stomach wrap, a cleanse, or any other thing we are being sold. Freedom to find the solution through changing our mindset not our body.

What joy do any of us get from constantly tearing ourselves apart? We all know there is no joy in it even though we can’t always stop it.  What things in life are we missing out on by spending our energy in such negative spaces? And for what, the unattainable idea that any of us can or should look like anyone else? Happiness has never been found on the outside if it cannot be found on the inside, that I know without a doubt, even on the days I find myself in self-judgment.

Believe me I understand there are days it isn’t easy. I live those days too, frankly I think most women do. There are days that you feel like all you can do is notice everything you think is wrong. But those are the days we have to stand up and fight even harder because our negative perceptions are not worth ruining a day for. There is so much out there to accomplish, so much that the world needs us for, that if we can only create negativity for ourselves we miss out on all the wonderful things we are meant to be a part of. Negativity binds us; it takes the very independence we seek and traps us instead. We deserve better from ourselves so today I choose to fight back and to try and break myself free, I hope you will too!