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You Are...Statements to Believe In and Live By

There are so many times I doubt myself or what I am doing. There are times that it seems I can’t get out of my own way. I think we all have these moments and the truth is they aren’t always fleeting; they can last weeks, months, or even years, but they seem to find their way in at certain times in our lives. I find for me, they most often occur when I am on the brink (and I may not know it yet) of taking a big step in my life or when something has failed and I am feeling lost. In these moments I try to remind myself of who I am, at the core, even when everything else is stripped away. If you have been following my social media this week you may have noticed it has been filled with simple ‘You Are’ statements. This has been for two reasons 1) there are PLENTY of days I don’t have the answers and I feel frustrated and these serve as a reminder not to lose sight of who I am in those times and 2) because no matter what stage you are in, whether you are crushing life or it is crushing you, there are certain things you have to know that YOU ARE and remind yourself of to keep pushing forward in this life.

So during a week like this, where I have allowed too many outside voices affect me, here are a few things I have tried to remind myself about when it comes to who I am and what I am worth. IN EVERY STAGE OF MY LIFE. I hope they might help you along your journey as well.

You are worthy of grace.

We all stumble, we all falter, and we all fail. You are worthy of grace, no matter what.

You are strong.

When you feel weak do not forget how many times you have risen from the ashes, stronger and more powerful than before.

You are beautiful.

There is no comparison that ever needs to be made, no number that ever has to be met; you are exactly as you should be.

You are loved.

You do not have to earn it; the truest love is the one that comes with no strings attached. You are loved just as you are, in this world and beyond.

You have to believe in yourself. (OK not a You Are statement but it ABSOLUTELY belongs here)

There will be difficult days, there will be failures, and there will be times that it will all be too overwhelming, but if you can believe in yourself and your abilities than nothing will stop you. You have a choice each day, you can either be your best cheerleader or your worst critic. Choose wisely.

You are meant for more.

You are meant for a life that is equally fulfilling and challenging. The pull inside of you that beckons you to go after your dreams and live boldly has been put there for a reason. Do not quiet it, chase it!

I would love to hear from all of you. Do you have any ‘you are’ statements you think we should all live by?