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Four Things To Say Goodbye To That Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Are you ready to say goodbye to things holding you back from accomplishing your goals? Do you want to meet the goals you set for yourself? First, set your goals and create steps of how to reach them and then second, let go. Just like anything else in life when new things move in that means a few old things have to move out. Here are some of the things you and I need to try to say goodbye to this year so we can boldly pursue our dreams:

The fear of failure:

Yes, failure sucks. Believe me, I UNDERSTAND this. I have failed at many things in my life and at this point I have to assume I have many failures still ahead of me. BUT knowing that it sucks is one thing, living in fear of it and not moving forward with your life, is a whole other thing. Failure can be terrible but you know what is even more terrible? Being stuck in a situation that makes you unhappy because you are afraid of stepping in to something new. Or accepting your life as it is, even when you are unfulfilled, instead of moving forward with boldness to create a life that you want. Those are the types of lives that go unlived. I am going to let you in on a little secret, you will fail, so you might as well do it taking courageous steps towards the goals you have for your life. You will never live a life worth living if you don’t put aside the fear of failure and start moving towards your dreams.

Your Self-Doubt:

If you continue to believe that you are not enough then you will never move towards your goals. Never. I know there are voices inside your head that have been put there by your upbringing, negative comments made by others, or by the insane societal standards you see throughout the day. I allow many of those same voices in to my own head. But those voices need to go. If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will. If you don’t know what you are worth no one else is going to find it for you. You are enough right now, just as you are. Believe that. Living in a world of self-doubt will ultimately lead to self-sabotaging the goals you have for yourself. If you don’t believe in your ability to reach them, then you never will, so start believing in yourself.

The expectations and opinions of others:

There should always be a few close people in your life whose opinion you value. You cannot and should not go through life without that group of people who have earned that trust. Other than those valued opinions it is time to say goodbye to anyone else’s expectations of how you should live your life. Those other opinions and expectations are holding you back. People are going to talk shit. They just are. People will not understand everything you do or hope for, but that is not your concern. Most people’s negative opinions stem from their inability to deal with the stuff in their own life, to admit to their own faults, or take responsibility for how their life has turned out. Do you know what all of this means? That those people’s opinions of your life do not matter to your growth. Live your life. Trust the opinions of those who matter and let go of the ones who don’t. Understand that the expectations of others are not yours to live up to. We all have a different path, find yours and go after it with reckless abandon.

The idea that it needs to be perfect:

You will never have the perfect life or timing. None of us will. You want to know why? Because ‘perfect’ looks different to everyone, it is an ever moving goal post that none of us will ever reach. It is a futile endeavor to even try. And looking for perfection in anything means you are still doubting yourself and believing that you aren’t good enough just as you are. It means you are still looking to the opinions’ of others’ to determine when you can move forward. If you are waiting on any of these things in order to find the bravery to move in to your path you will be waiting forever. There will never be perfect timing. There will never be a moment that you finally feel like you have enough time and resources to start your goals. Because perfect timing doesn’t exist. And likely you are using that as another excuse to hold yourself back and not step in to a new, unknown adventure. Action is the only thing that will get you in the direction of your goals, pick your imperfectly perfect self up, and go grab your life by the reins.