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How to Really Get Healthier This Year

When we think about improving our health we tend to be WAY too focused on what society tells us is the correct way to look healthy. The problem is we know next to nothing about someone’s health just by looking at them. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to be healthier but it gets dangerous when we tie health only to the way we look and then obsess over it. We forget that the way we feel about ourselves is so often in direct proportion to whether or not we have dealt with the stuff on the inside. Why do we feel the way we do about our body? Do we want to eat healthier? Or are we going on diets that basically encourage us to starve ourselves to try and lose weight? Do we really want to do a certain type of exercise? Or is someone on social media making us believe it is the way to look like them? There is a huge difference between getting healthy for the right reasons and getting healthy for the wrong reasons. And you may be asking yourself what this has to do with our January mission of trying to accomplishing goals, well let me tell you; you can keep making goals that you think you should make or you can make goals that you actually want to make. And whether those goals are related to your body, your mind, your job, your personal relationships or anything in between if you are doing anything because of a societal pressure to do so you will end up unhappy. Worse, you will end up with some really bad habits like people pleasing, disordered eating, toxic relationships, or an inability to chase after your dreams because you fear what others think. Your goals no matter what they are related to will, in the end come down to one question, are you doing the things that are best for you or for someone else? When it comes to the goals you have set for your body this year, are they really making you healthier?

I want us all to be healthier but that doesn't mean trying to lose weight, or look a certain way, what I want to goal to be is an actual healthy relationship with our body. This means if we are going to start a year off by proclaiming that our body is too big, too skinny, too ugly, too curvy, too athletic, or too anything we are automatically demeaning it in to nothingness. We are automatically telling it that isn’t good enough. And then we look at pictures, stand at the mirror, and interact with other people with this terrible relationship with ourselves. Who really cares what you weigh, it truly says nothing about you. When did we learn we had to care so much about that? I promise you that if we taught people, from a young age, to love their body, to appreciate their body, and to understand that their body will be different than others, we would have a lot more self-love. We would all be taking care of our body a lot better than we do and we would be listening to it to understand what works for us and what doesn’t when it comes to health. But instead we have learned to always believe that there is something wrong with our body, that it always needs improvement, and what that has created is too many people who hate their bodies. This leads to us compensating for those feelings of disdain with things like under eating, overeating, over exercising, not moving at all, and these all lead to us not appreciating the magnificence of what our body is and what it brings to our life. We are wasting too much of our time on this earth with this all-consuming idea that we are not good enough and we punish ourselves in to submission. No matter how we choose to judge our body or the bodies of other’s, you and I will remain unhappy if we don’t deal with ourselves. We will remain unhealthy, so very unhealthy, if we don’t ask ourselves why we hate our bodies instead of loving them. Why we don’t appreciate the beauty of them and instead pick out everything we see as imperfect. Why can’t put the outside voices on mute and ask ourselves who we are and what it means for us to be healthy.

What all this means is that getting healthy for you and for me is going to require us to deal with the real issues we have associated with our bodies. And that means we have to get to work on the inside instead of the outside first. We have to ask ourselves why we feel the way we do about our bodies? Why we feel the way we do about other people’s bodies? Just like every other goal we have in our lives, this one has to start with us being honest with ourselves. Every other aspect of our life, including our bodies, will never be enough until we deal with what is going on inside of us, otherwise we will remain unhealthy no matter what we do. And what about those goals? Well those goals will never be met if you keep reaching for someone else’s idea of what your life or body should look like.