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You Are Enough

January on the Women Do Blog is about how we move towards accomplishing the goals we have for ourselves. So much of chasing after our dreams is getting out of our own way. The ability to get out of our own way starts with stopping the internal voice that tells us aren’t good enough. A lot of what creates that inner voice is the external things we allow in to our lives. There is too much out there trying to market to us that we aren’t good enough and paralyzing us in to inaction. These companies and individuals unfortunately NEED us to buy in to that idea because if they can get us to believe that then they can sell us anything. Here is the problem with this marketing; it is bombarding us on every platform and has embedded itself in all of us, especially women.

With this idea planted we start to search out solutions to fix all these problems we don’t even have and become fixated on the idea that we aren’t good enough just as we are. We start to believe that what is most important is the way we look. There are too many people out there claiming body positivity but only selling body ‘improvement’. These marketing tactics have made us believe that totally natural things are wrong and create self-consciousness within us about them. This can make it hard to determine if we are making the choices and changes we want for ourselves or to meet someone else’s standards. And it can be difficult to not feel pressured in to reaching some bullshit level of perfection because the industries who are marketing it are trying to profit off insecurities they have created. The mixed messages of society work to convince every woman that she will never be good enough, that there will always be something that needs to change. And we lose ourselves in that messaging; we don’t know who we are, or what truly matters to us. We start to take on society’s idea of what we should pursue instead of what we really want; we start to buy what they are selling. It is a rollercoaster we will never get off of if we continue to allow influences in to our daily lives that make us feel less than. It is time to step off of the ride, it is time to take your life, body, mind, and dreams back.

Here is your challenge this week: Let go of the idea that you are not good enough. Let go of the idea that how you look is the most important thing. Let go of allowing any outside influence to encourage you to change who you are. Let go of the weight of other people’s expectations. Stop believing you can’t pursue your dreams unless you hit the target of ‘perfection’ in your life. You know what happens when you are waiting for that? YOU START NOTHING AND YOU ACCOMPLISH NOTHING. As a female you will never win by trying to live up to the world’s impossible standards. The only way to win is to realize you can’t live up to anyone else’s idea of beauty or what dreams are worthy of chasing after. More importantly, you shouldn’t even try. You have to learn to be content with yourself. You have to know that moving forward in your path means purging your life of anything that makes you feel less than or unworthy. You have to know that in order to reach your goals you have to move everything out of the way working against you and start living the life you were meant to.

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