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Ready For Your Voice To Be Heard? Three Things to Help You

I need you to know how important your voice is. How badly the world needs it. How imperative it is to your life’s fulfillment that you use it.

Speaking up is about using your voice, privilege, passions, and talents to bring awareness and stir change. Whether that means supporting a charity or nonprofit organization, improving your personal relationships, creating change in your professional life, or getting involved in political causes it is critical that your voice be heard. The worst thing we can do when we see something that needs to change is remain silent about it. Do not allow fear to overwhelm you or make you feel helpless, do not let fear silence you. The world needs you and your unique voice, when you are ready to speak up I want you to remember a few things:

You Are Important

Often the first thing that happens to anyone when they want to speak up is they feel insecure. I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing if that insecurity leads to some reflection about how to best handle what you want to say, or what action is best to accomplish your goal. But do not let the insecurity turn in to silence. You may fear possible judgment from others for speaking but what happens if you don’t speak up? Can you live in a world where you see something wrong and you do nothing simply because you were too afraid? Your voice and ideas are different than every other person on this planet, we need you. Imagine all the people who had to meet at the right time, the things that had to fall in to place at an exact moment for you to be you. Remember that every time you think you are not important enough to speak; you were meant to be in this very moment feeling compelled to use your voice to affect change.

Change Only Occurs When We Start Taking Action

I believe in prayer but I also know most of the time prayers, hopes, or wishes require action from us. We have to know that just because we hope for something enough or pray for it every day that doesn’t mean that things will simply happen. Change requires action from us and those around us. It starts with rising up and using our voice. Change requires each and every one of us to have a willingness to be used where our gifts and talents will be most effective where we feel led to speak up. We can sit at home and wish for the world to change or we can take action that starts to put change in to motion. "In the same way, faith by itself, if it does not prove itself with actions, is dead." James 2:17


Technology has tricked our minds in to believing that life moves at the speed of light. When we need information we can quickly search for it on our phones or laptops and an answer appears. This has led us to become more impatient and less persistent when it comes to creating change. Change will not happen overnight, in your relationship, your job, your state or your country. It will take time. It will mean failure, changing direction, and carrying on even when the road ahead is hard, and it will take an unrelenting belief in what you are fighting for. It will take persistence by those who feel most compelled to create change. Persist.

The world needs you and your voice, when you are ready, we are ready for you.