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What Is Happiness To You?

What is happiness? I know what you are thinking, ‘damn Bekah are you really going to try and get philosophical on us?’ No, I am not, well at least I don’t think I am. BUT doing the 5 steps towards happiness (see previous post for more on that) has reminded me that sometimes I get in my own way. Yes, life can throw some crap at us and YES some people have very real reasons to be sad, but to me that’s even more motivation to take control of what I can to be happier. Because if we know that life can throw us curveballs and change everything in the blink of an eye I think that should make us more open to being grateful for the things we do have. We all lose sight of it, I know this too well in my own life. We get so caught up in the day to day and the frustrations of life that we just become overwhelmed by them, eventually being consumed by them. Allowing myself to be consumed by all of that was starting to put me in a bad place. So this week I had to choose a different outlook, one that made me take responsibility for changing my perspective, to finding a more accurate reality, and in that time I have been reminded a few things, both big and small:    

  • My happiness will never be found in what I perceive as success because while I chase the next goal I will also keep chasing after happiness. I will never get there. Find happiness in other things.

  • Meditation is hard in an overstimulated world but shut up and do it. You will feel better.

  • I love dancing. Sure, I already knew this but I got more time than usual in dancing this week and it was a good reminder to put on hip hop and dance around my house. Everyone needs to dance more.

  • I have too much to be thankful for and it wouldn’t kill me to remember that sometimes. Even better, write it down.

  • Some of the most meaningful moments in my life are the small ones, some of them even happen daily, I need to do better recognizing this and appreciate those moments. Take time to remember this.

  • Feeling defeated doesn’t look good on me. I was given a resilient spirit for a reason, which means I need to keep fighting the uphill battles, I need to keep pushing even when I am tired. Continue to resist and be a voice for change you want to see happen.

  • All it takes is a decent heart to try and improve the lives around you. Try and do that. Do it every day.

  • Things you love won’t come easy and they won’t go the way you plan but if you truly love them does that really matter? Keep doing what you love.

With that being said I leave everyone with this to close the ‘happiness week', a quote that struck a chord with me and I hope it will with you as well: “Happiness is the joy we feel striving towards our potential.”

So you see happiness is in the process. It isn't a destination it is ever evolving within us along our entire journey. It can be found if we look around ourselves and change the lens we see the world through. It is cultivated in pursuing and enjoying the big and small meaningful moments in our life. Happiness is somewhere in us, we just have to take the time to go after it.