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Five Steps Towards Happiness

Anyone just get in a rut sometimes? That feeling like you just aren’t quite at your best. Whether it be from personal or professional aggravation there is just no escaping that feeling of blah…I have felt that way the past few days for various reasons and I hate feeling this way. It isn’t every second of every day but it is enough that I know I need to take a step back and deal with it. Deal with me. My amazing and insightful friend Vanessa introduced me to this Ted talk by Shawn Achor when I met her three years ago. It is one of those videos that is quick, funny, and poignant. It also gives 5 things we can all do to improve our overall happiness (who doesn’t love a quick, to the point way to start working on ourselves?). When I get in to one of these ruts I refer back to it for a mental reboot. Some of these I practice in my daily life already and others I need to get back in to the habit of doing and there is no better time than now. Here are the five things Achor suggests, who wants to join me?


  • This is not a scary word when you realize this has nothing to do with weight loss, pant size, or a number on a scale. This has to do with all the truly amazing effects exercise has on our physical and mental state. To truly reap the benefits make sure do something you like (I repeat something you like) for at least 15-20 minutes a day whether it be walking, running, weight lifting, dancing, yoga, or anything in between.

Three Gratitudes

  • Write down three new things each day that you are thankful for. Don’t cheapen this for yourself, be thoughtful and make the time to decide what these are. Sure it may get difficult after a couple of weeks but how many things in our lives do we take for granted? I think that is what this one teaches us, how many things we have to be thankful for and TO BE truly thankful for each of them.


  • I suck at this one and I shouldn’t because every time I have added this to my daily routine I have seen a ton of benefits to my overall wellness, especially mentally. This is meant to help us push out the noise of life, in today’s world we could all use being able to do this more.  Dedicate at least 2 minutes to this (more if you can!). Don’t feel too overwhelmed if you are just starting out there are a bunch of great apps out there that will help guide your meditation.


  • At the end of each day write down one positive thing that happened in the last 24 hours. No matter how big or small. Celebrate the victories in life. Take a moment to reflect on your day and find something that made you feel positive.

Random Acts of Kindness

  • Shawn Achor suggests one of the following: writing a positive email or text to someone thanking them or encouraging them whether they be friend, family, or colleague. Other suggestions might be buying someone in line a coffee, complimenting a stranger, helping someone out at work, even listening to someone who may need to discuss an issue are all ways to show we care.

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