Lessons In Goodbye

As I reflect back on 2019 I keep coming to the word goodbye and all the ones I’ve said this year. There have been good ones and bad ones, there have been goodbyes I am still grieving and trying to process their ending, ones I have learned to let go and just walk away from, and ones that have taken me to new places in my relationships, not just with others, but also myself. There have been really hard goodbyes and difficult lessons in those BUT it is so important to know that goodbye isn’t all bad, in fact so many goodbyes are really a new beginning. Over the past year I have said goodbye to not trusting my body. I have become more aware of all the ways I have been marketed to from a very you

Know Who You Are and Then Refuse to Apologize For It

I once was told to make sure I was ‘always sweet’ or it could cause issues in my career. People who know the story have asked me how it made me feel and truthfully it made me angry. This ‘piece of advice’ came from someone in a leadership role and it felt more like someone trying to ‘put me in my place’ as a woman rather than a dumb thing someone would say without thinking. It made me question my straightforward personality and second guess myself as a professional, until I remembered one very important thing: I am DONE apologizing for who I am. Here is my truth: I am not a yes person. I am not a toe the line person. I am 100% a team player and I am 100% a hard worker BUT when things don’t m


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