The Lack Of Coverage For Female Athletes

When the US women’s soccer team won the 1999 World Cup it lit a fire inside of me. I had played soccer my whole life but until that moment I had never felt that kind of excitement about being an athlete. It was the first time that I can remember women of any US sports team taking center stage and becoming a sensation in the news. They were not being praised for what they looked like but instead what they had accomplished in their sport. Sadly very few of my other favorite sports memories are dedicated to women’s sports. ESPN, Sports Illustrated, local newspapers and TV stations rarely covered them. If they weren’t part of a National Championship, World Cup, or Olympics then female athletes w

Let Go Of The Working Mom Guilt

“Who has the kids when you’re here?” “Are you really going back to work after you have your second child?” “Are your kids in daycare?” “Who makes them dinner?” I could go on and on with the questions I get asked on a weekly, if not daily basis, as a working mom in a non-traditional setting. I could bore you with the stories of women standing around me talking about how the best days of their lives were when their kids were little and they got to stay home and enjoy every minute with them. They would trade it all to go back. They would tell their daughters the same thing, that it’s important to stay home with your kids. But that’s not what I’m here to do today. Today I am here, as proud worki

Tiffany Franklin: Facing Challenges Head On

I have known Tiffany (I call her Tiff) since freshman year of college. It was basically love at first sight, I am not even kidding. We are two extremely passionate and silly human beings, we just clicked, became roommates, and the rest is history. She is one of my closest friends and someone who I can sit and talk to for hours; she also has made me laugh so hard I cry more often than just about anybody else. She is one of the strongest people I know, life has not always been fair to her, there have most definitely been challenges along the way, but she is a fighter. If you had told me when we graduated almost twelve years ago that even after all of life’s twists and turns we would eventually

Athletic Training: The Unexpected Lessons Learned

I am an athletic trainer. For those who may not know fully what that means the quick definition is: Athletic Trainers are healthcare professionals, who specialize in prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of injuries as well as emergency care for athletes and/or patients. Those skills are vital to my career but it has been the unexpected lessons that have done more to shape who I am today. Those lessons are significant to what I have learned.  And while they aren’t always easy to share, I believe it is essential to bring them in to the ongoing conversation. In a month that celebrates my chosen career, athletic training, and my position in the world, as a woman, it is important that my st


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