Four Things To Say Goodbye To That Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Are you ready to say goodbye to things holding you back from accomplishing your goals? Do you want to meet the goals you set for yourself? First, set your goals and create steps of how to reach them and then second, let go. Just like anything else in life when new things move in that means a few old things have to move out. Here are some of the things you and I need to try to say goodbye to this year so we can boldly pursue our dreams: The fear of failure: Yes, failure sucks. Believe me, I UNDERSTAND this. I have failed at many things in my life and at this point I have to assume I have many failures still ahead of me. BUT knowing that it sucks is one thing, living in fear of it and not movi

Find Your Purpose

What is your purpose? You want to talk about an overwhelming, overconsuming question that is it. First things first, we need to let ourselves off the hook a bit; we need to stop believing that fulfilling our purpose means we have to change the world. That is not true. Purpose allows us to use our gifts to change those we come in contact with but it does not require us to become extremely powerful or popular to use those gifts. The fate of changing the whole world will fall on very few people, but the ability to use our purpose, to be a positive influence in this world, that will fall on all of us. And for some it may only be one person, for others it may be thousands, but it will be each and

Got Goals? Time To Learn To Accept Life's Challenges + Embrace the Suck

I get it, no one is excited about the challenges that life presents us with when we are working to accomplish our goals. No one is excited during the times it feels like everywhere they turn there are obstacles in the way. No one is happy to watch something they have worked hard for fail. But there is a difference between those who accomplish their goals and those who do not…it is the ability to understand, expect, and accept that life will present challenges along the path. Nobody makes it through this life unscathed, at least not if they are chasing after something of meaning or purpose to them. No one makes it through this life without failing (and probably failing a lot). There is nothin

How to Really Get Healthier This Year

When we think about improving our health we tend to be WAY too focused on what society tells us is the correct way to look healthy. The problem is we know next to nothing about someone’s health just by looking at them. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to be healthier but it gets dangerous when we tie health only to the way we look and then obsess over it. We forget that the way we feel about ourselves is so often in direct proportion to whether or not we have dealt with the stuff on the inside. Why do we feel the way we do about our body? Do we want to eat healthier? Or are we going on diets that basically encourage us to starve ourselves to try and lose weight? Do we really want to d

You Are Enough

January on the Women Do Blog is about how we move towards accomplishing the goals we have for ourselves. So much of chasing after our dreams is getting out of our own way. The ability to get out of our own way starts with stopping the internal voice that tells us aren’t good enough. A lot of what creates that inner voice is the external things we allow in to our lives. There is too much out there trying to market to us that we aren’t good enough and paralyzing us in to inaction. These companies and individuals unfortunately NEED us to buy in to that idea because if they can get us to believe that then they can sell us anything. Here is the problem with this marketing; it is bombarding us on


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