Time to Put the Perfection Obsession Aside

Let me tell you where I was not too long ago, I was living in the hamster wheel of never ending expectations of perfection from myself. All these expectations of perfection had me asking a lot of questions: Why am I so insanely hard on myself? Why do I expect there to be perfection in most aspects of my life? And worse when I somehow ‘fall short’ of those expectations why do I attack myself? It had become this obsession with perfection. It would find its way in to my life in various forms but it would be there. It was not every day or every week but too often I would find myself questioning my ability to do what I wanted with my life. Do I really have things to offer to the world like I thou

Generosity: The Most Important Gift My Parents Gave Me

Perhaps the greatest gift I have ever received from my parents is the way they have embodied generosity throughout my life. I remember as a kid my parents picking up a man as he walked through the pouring rain and taking him to his destination. I remember pulling in to gas stations after my dad would see a homeless person with a sign on the side of road, he would then purchase that person something to eat or a gift card and we would go drop it off to them. I remember one time a man was badly injured on the side of the road from a bike accident and my parents didn’t hesitate to pick him up and bring him to the hospital. I remember every single Christmas picking an Angel Tree child and buying

Adding More Joy To Our Lives

Joy is cultivated internally. It is an understanding of you who you are, how you are, and why you are. You and I won’t always know all the answers to those questions because one of the most interesting parts about life is how we are always evolving through our journey. But I do believe there is a foundation, certain aspects of who we are, that are built in to our very being. Usually we are at our best when we are tapping in to those foundational pieces and focusing on their growth. I believe that we are better able to manifest joy in our life when we truly understand that we have a purpose in this life and that the world was not put here to serve us, but rather we were put in the world to se

Is All Your Busyness Bringing You Closer To The Life You Want?

I was busy. Always busy. I was running around, working all hours of the day, and unable to say no to things that I really didn’t want to do. Usually because I felt guilty. I was the hamster in the wheel and we all know that wheel goes nowhere. I was subconsciously convinced that if I kept working my ass off that I would get there. Where that was I don’t even really know anymore. But I assumed, like too many of us do, that ‘there’ would equal success and happiness. But here is the truth I had to learn the hard way about being busy “…it lays bare the truth that there is nothing you can purchase, possess, or achieve that will make you feel fulfilled over the long term.” (Kristen Powers) The pur


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