Why You Are So Busy And Four Ways to Start Changing It

Here is the problem a lot of us face, we become so busy, often doing things we don’t really want to do, that we don’t stop and evaluate our busyness. Is it temporary or chronic? Is it ‘shoulds’ or ‘want tos’? Is it to satisfy the ego or to satisfy our soul? Chronic busyness is a big problem and if we don’t deal with it, it will have some major ramifications on every aspect of our life. It is time to stop, take a break, and ask a few questions: Why are we so busy? Why are we so addicted to it? And is all that busyness giving us the life that we want? Why are we so busy? Fear of irrelevance Research shows one of the biggest reasons we remain in this hamster wheel of busyness is because it make

Thank You Mom and Dad

It is no exaggeration when I tell you that I won the parent lottery. Now don’t get me wrong I am in no way implying they are perfect, they would hate for me to do that and that would be a lie, but they did raise my sister and I with some pretty incredible lessons. One of the most consistent lessons has been about empathy. As I have gotten older I have witnessed my parents’ ability to exemplify that word in a world that is often without it. Research has shown people with a significant capacity for empathy embody the traits listed below. This is my thank you letter to my parents for living these out with their words and their actions. To see the world as others see it, perspective taking: We c

Those Damn Numbers

Those damn numbers. Your weight. Your pant size. We live in a culture, especially as women that convinces us that those numbers are the only thing that matter. This can create an unhealthy obsession with these numbers. And if we aren’t careful that obsession will start to eat away at our self-confidence, it will make us believe that our worth comes from how small we can get that number, and will make us lose sight of all the truly important things when it comes to being healthy. There is so much bullshit out there in regards to what being healthy means. Of course being healthy is important BUT being healthy does not mean everyone fits in to a certain size (they don’t). Or that you can tell h

Women Do: Statements of Purpose

These statements of purpose are what the Women Do blog and social media pages believe to be true about each and every one of us. No matter how many pieces you have read before I hope you will read this one, and know that all of these apply to you. There will always be work to do but let's start here! You are powerful. Right now. In this moment. You do not have to become anything more, you already are enough. You are strong. When you feel weak do not forget how many times you have risen from the ashes. You are resilient. You have climbed life’s mountains, you have been knocked down, and yet here you are, still fighting. You are powerful in your truth.

You Have A Choice To Make

We have a choice each and every day to be people who stand up for what is right. We have the choice to sit on the sidelines and criticize people in the game or be in the game working our ass off; even when we come up against failure and uphill battles. We have a choice to be resilient and fight or cower and run. And while we all need to exercise our right to vote and make those choices on November 6th, we also need to exercise our choice and free will every day. We need people to stand up every chance they get. We need them in the mess, ugliness, and uncertainty of every day, working to turn it all around. I know that it is daunting. It is not easy. It can feel like getting knocked on your


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