Failure: It Sucks But It's Worth It

Don’t be confused by the title. If you have experienced failure you know what it means, and if you haven’t experienced failure, let me explain. When I look back at my life, so far, I can give you examples of times I have failed and how those failures led to different paths or better successes. I can tell you about how failures led me to redirect, to reflect, and to deal with hard truths that I was ignoring. But I can also tell you that I never celebrated a failure in the moment. I never felt great when things fell apart. I never knew in the moment of failure what would be next. I never felt like I had it all together. More often than not I felt the opposite of that, I felt disjointed. But ev

It's Exhausting: How We Can Spend Less Time Judging Our Bodies

Raise your hand if you are exhausted of picking apart your body, subconsciously comparing it to others, and trying to meet beauty and body standards that are DEFINITELY not one size fits all. Let’s be real that shit gets exhausting! It makes you wonder what lessons we are taught as females that we can shut down others’ self-loathing but we cannot turn off our own? That we can see the beauty in others but we often only see our own faults? What makes us determined to feel like our body needs to be better but we cannot be satisfied with where it is at this exact moment? These feelings of unworthiness are EXHAUSTING and yet we all experience them from time to time. We have all lived in a world w

Ready For Your Voice To Be Heard? Three Things to Help You

I need you to know how important your voice is. How badly the world needs it. How imperative it is to your life’s fulfillment that you use it. Speaking up is about using your voice, privilege, passions, and talents to bring awareness and stir change. Whether that means supporting a charity or nonprofit organization, improving your personal relationships, creating change in your professional life, or getting involved in political causes it is critical that your voice be heard. The worst thing we can do when we see something that needs to change is remain silent about it. Do not allow fear to overwhelm you or make you feel helpless, do not let fear silence you. The world needs you and your uni

How Much Is A Girl Worth?

“So, I ask, how much is a little girl worth? How much priority should be placed on communicating that the fullest weight of the law will be used to protect another innocent child…?” (Rachel Denhollander) These words have haunted me since she echoed them in the courtroom at Larry Nassar’s hearing. Rachel Denhollander was the first woman to publicly speak about being sexually assaulted. The bravery she showed knowing there would be too many that would doubt her and even some who would shame her, exemplifies the resiliency of women. She stepped forward in her truth and opened up a wound so large that no one could have imagined what would come next. My guess is she didn’t know there were hundred


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