How Sports Taught Me To Not Back Down

I was small growing up, short with a little frame. I remember being in a soccer game playing forward against a defender who had about 6 inches of height on me and about 30 pounds (not totally unusual considering I no taller than 4’9” till I was 15). During the game I felt as if I was being thrown around like a rag doll every time we were one on one with the ball. I was exhausted. At times I felt defeated but I kept pushing back. So did she, she knew she was bigger than me and did everything she could to intimidate me, even shoving me when the play went the other way and the ref wasn’t looking. I kept taking a breath when I could, reminding myself not to be intimidated and to keep fighting. S

Powerless to Change the World?

Powerless to make any real change in the world. God I hate this feeling. Everyday there is something new that makes me sad or angry and I want to fix it. But I feel like I can’t. I have no real power, or place of stature, I am not wealthy, and I don’t feel like I have the time it takes to make REAL change in the world. The worst part is that it makes me feel hopeless at times. I believe the reason so many of us get on social media and declare our stances on something is because it makes us feel like we did something. By agreeing or disagreeing with something and putting our line in the sand it is a relief from that helplessness we can feel. But then the status is up and we are left with wond

Sarah Clinton: Building Confidence

Have you ever met someone and you knew immediately they were meant to be in your life? The day I met Sarah Clinton I knew. At the time she was starting her position as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Spalding and I was the Head Athletic Trainer. Not only would we bond over being two of the three full-time female staff in the Athletics Department (our third amiga being the fabulous Lisa DeFrees) but we would find over time that professionally we were a great team and, well, out of work we laughed our asses off at inappropriate jokes. Sarah is one of those people who will push you in all the right ways, who sees more in you than you could ever see in yourself, and is just a comple

Stop Limiting Yourself

Limits. The ones we set for ourselves. The ones we let others set for us. They are always there. They live in the back of our minds feeding our fears and insecurities. There are some limits we may not even know we are putting on ourselves until we are asked one simple question “if you could do anything you wanted to do what would you do?” That is where it starts as we really begin to think about what we do if there were nothing holding us back; then there is a voice that tells us why we can’t. We may think about that question but very few of us go after what the answer to it is because there are limits. Those fucking limits. When I used to think of that question “if you could do anything you

No More Body Positive BS

We are sold a lot of bullshit when it comes to body positivity and I am OVER it. Part of what I believe can make social media so dangerous for women, young and old, is because of the mixed messages about body confidence and positive self-image. A lot of what is sold as body confidence is in fact a contradictory message. In one breath someone may proclaim body confidence and then turn around and bombard their social media with images showing them photo shopped, changing their body to meet a ‘societal standard, posting only ‘perfect’ photos, and/or marketing extreme diets or cleanses. How can anyone really learn how to be body confident with such a mixed message? And in a society where we are


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