What Is Happiness To You?

What is happiness? I know what you are thinking, ‘damn Bekah are you really going to try and get philosophical on us?’ No, I am not, well at least I don’t think I am. BUT doing the 5 steps towards happiness (see previous post for more on that) has reminded me that sometimes I get in my own way. Yes, life can throw some crap at us and YES some people have very real reasons to be sad, but to me that’s even more motivation to take control of what I can to be happier. Because if we know that life can throw us curveballs and change everything in the blink of an eye I think that should make us more open to being grateful for the things we do have. We all lose sight of it, I know this too well in m

Five Steps Towards Happiness

Anyone just get in a rut sometimes? That feeling like you just aren’t quite at your best. Whether it be from personal or professional aggravation there is just no escaping that feeling of blah…I have felt that way the past few days for various reasons and I hate feeling this way. It isn’t every second of every day but it is enough that I know I need to take a step back and deal with it. Deal with me. My amazing and insightful friend Vanessa introduced me to this Ted talk by Shawn Achor when I met her three years ago. It is one of those videos that is quick, funny, and poignant. It also gives 5 things we can all do to improve our overall happiness (who doesn’t love a quick, to the point way t

Don't Be Miserable

Sometimes we stay places because they are comfortable. Not enjoyable and not bringing us contentment but just because they are comfortable. We have to know these are different things. Being comfortable too often means avoiding things that we fear. Avoiding failure. Avoiding new challenges. And in that comfort what we often find instead is discontentment. There are jobs and relationships we don’t even know are making us miserable. We aren’t even aware of it because of the insulating lies we tell ourselves: That we do this for the money. That we can’t find anything else. That he or she loves me even if I am unhappy. Lies like these are so dangerous. And the truth is many of us could go on in t

Give Yourself A Break

How many of us have heard things like: ‘if you love what you do then it won’t feel like work’ or ‘find a job you are passionate about and you will never work a day in your life’? How crazy does this make you feel sometimes? Or worse have comments like these ever made you feel like you are failing at your career, or at following your passions, or both?!? Here is the thing; these people aren't giving us terrible advice and sure it would be great in an ideal world BUT (and it can be a big but) the problem is that it is not most people’s reality. Yes, there are people in this world who work every day and are passionate about every aspect of their job but guess what this IS NOT the majority of us

I Am Fat

How many times have you looked in the mirror and said something like “I am fat” or thought that you need to change your body in order to fit some ideal of what society tells us it should look like? How many times have you heard another woman say that about themselves? How many times have we heard comments about a young girl’s body or made comments about our body in front of a young female? Is our own self-judgment as females getting passed down to the next generation? While I completely believe a lot of what we deal with in regards to our body can come from societal ideals and pressure I do wonder how much of this is self-inflicted by us as women? Do we keep repeating the sins of our past an

Let’s Get Real About What We See In Our Reflection

Let’s talk about what we see in our own reflection or perhaps what we have been taught to hide in our reflection, I will start. I thought that to write about the topic of self-love I had to be fixed, that I had to no longer believe the things I can feel about myself. That in order to talk to others about it I had to provide a story about someone who had risen from all their self-doubt. What I have come to realize is that I need to provide an honest account of my struggles because people don’t need to hear a happy story, they need to hear the truth. Everyone will find their own way through their story and the truth is we will all get to self-love in different ways, but if we don't talk about

Life: There Is No Perfect Balance

To lean in, to lean out, to fail forward, to fail, to fall down and rise back up, to sit and watch others move. There are so many ways people tell you how you can become successful it is hard to know which way to go. Perhaps the biggest issue is that we have an incessant need to define our successes, failures, and how we balance it all based on others. This past year has been a huge growing experience for me and one of the biggest things I learned is that I was allowing others to define my success. I don’t hate others’ ideas or secrets to their success, they are all good jumping off points. But the biggest thing we can learn from all of it is our definitions of success, failure, and balance

The Why

The Why Behind Women Do: When I first started writing I tried too hard to be someone who had it all together and what I found was that no one was interested in that. To be honest, I’m not interested in that and to be really honest I DO NOT have it all together. What I learned is that in order to reach anyone I had to be candid, not just about my hopes and dreams but also about my many failures. Keeping this in mind as this journey of the Women Do blog begins I want to make sure I start it off with full disclosure: I fail, a lot. I get down on myself and fight insecurities more often then I would like to admit. I also believe in myself. These may sound like contradictions but it is my reality

Robin Curry: Fierce Advocate for Women of All Ages

When I started my job at Norton three years ago I had never met Robin but I had heard that she was a huge proponent of the female athlete and that was information that made me want to meet her immediately. I was thrilled when she accepted my invite for lunch and we soon realized that being, at that time, the only two women working in our Sports Health department would not be the only thing that bonded us. There was no question I wanted her to be the inaugural “Women Do Amazing Things” subject for the Women Do blog. Robin was both kind and brave enough to let me sit down and interview her (my first interview ever!). Robin Curry is a non-operative sports medicine physician for Norton Sports He


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